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Best 10 Intercom Alternatives in 2024 (Free + Paid)

Published in Jun 13, 2024

12 min read

Intercom Alternatives

Best 10 Intercom Alternatives in 2024 (Free + Paid)

If you're relying on Intercom for your customer interactions, you've probably noticed its strengths and limitations. What if there was a way to get all the benefits of Intercom but with added flexibility, features, and cost-effectiveness tailored to your needs?

Whether you're a startup business looking to simplify your customer support or an established enterprise seeking more robust tools, exploring alternatives to Intercom can open up a world of possibilities.

In this article, we'll explore the top Intercom alternatives that could impact how you connect with your customers.

Why Do Businesses Look for Intercom Alternatives?

Businesses continuously seek tools that boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Although Intercom is a popular choice for managing customer communications and support, many companies are exploring other options. Here's why:

Cost Considerations

Cost is a major factor when businesses consider alternatives to Intercom. As companies expand and their customer base grows, Intercom can become too expensive.

Many alternatives offer more flexible pricing that scales with business growth, providing a more cost-effective solution for expanding enterprises.

Feature Limitations

Intercom offers a strong feature set, which might only fulfill some businesses' specific needs. Some companies need more advanced AI, better integration with their existing tools, or more customization options.

Alternatives to Intercom often provide these features, offering solutions that better fit unique business requirements.

Scalability and Flexibility

Businesses evolve as they grow. A system perfect for a startup might not suit a larger enterprise. Companies search for Intercom alternatives that scale with their growth and adapt to their changing needs without major restructuring.

User Experience

User experience is another key reason companies look for alternatives. Both customers and support teams benefit from interfaces that are easy to use.

If a platform is unhandy or integrates poorly with other systems, it can reduce productivity and lead to frustration. Alternatives that provide a smooth user experience and seamless integration are in high demand.

Customer Support and Service

A tool's level of customer support can prompt businesses to switch. If a company finds Intercom's support lacking, they may opt for a provider known for outstanding customer service.

If you're finding Intercom a bit pricey, doesn't fit your needs, or doesn't keep up with your growth, it might be time to explore other options.

What to Look for in an Intercom Alternative

When searching for an alternative to Intercom, it's essential to consider what features and qualities will best suit your business's specific needs. Here's a rundown of what to keep in mind:

Automation and AI Features

Efficient customer support should be a balance of communication and resolving queries quickly and effectively. Advanced automation features like chatbots and AI-driven responses can provide immediate help to customers. It can handle routine inquiries and free up your team for more complex issues.

Make sure the alternative you choose is equipped with robust AI capabilities that learn and adapt to your customers' needs.


Think about the pricing structure. Is it scalable with your business growth? Does it offer a good balance between cost and features? An ideal alternative should be affordable while still packing all essential functionalities without hidden fees.

Feature Set

Evaluate the features on offer. Does the alternative have everything that Intercom provides and something more? Look for capabilities like advanced messaging, automation tools, chatbots, and integration options that can streamline your operations.

Ease of Use

The messaging platform should be user-friendly. You want to spend your time on something other than training your support team on a complicated system. A good Intercom alternative will have an intuitive interface that makes it easy for your team to manage communications effectively.

Customer Support

Strong, AI-powered customer support is very important. Check if the alternative offers reliable, accessible support. This could mean having a helpful customer service team, comprehensive resources like tutorials and forums, and responsive technical support.

Integration Capabilities

Your new tool should easily integrate with other tools you are using, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, marketing tools, social media platforms, and data analytics tools. Seamless integration helps maintain workflow continuity and data consistency across your business tools.


The platform should grow with your business. It needs to handle increasing volumes of interactions without lagging or becoming cost-prohibitive. Check if the alternative can increase as your customer base and team expand.


Look for a platform that allows you to customize according to your brand and specific needs. Whether it's custom workflows or branding the chat interfaces, these features can impact how you interact with your customers.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensure the alternative you choose complies with data protection regulations. Security features and compliance are non-negotiable, especially when handling sensitive customer data.

10 Best Alternatives to Intercom

Choosing the right tool for customer communication is important for maintaining efficiency and satisfaction. Here are the top 10 alternatives to Intercom, each known for its unique capabilities and benefits.

1. is a top alternative to Intercom because it uses advanced AI to understand what customers mean. This means it can respond with personalized support and improved customer engagement.


Unlike Intercom, which tends to rely on predefined response patterns, it adopts a more dynamic, conversation-driven AI approach. This results in interactions that feel more natural and engaging for users.

  • Uses semantic AI for a deeper understanding of customer queries
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems using robust APIs
  • Website chat features conversational AI for natural interactions
  • File chat capability for efficient internal document handling
  • Scalable solutions tailored for any business size is perfect for businesses that want to improve customer experience, boost conversion rates, and increase engagement, all with one platform. Its ability to have more human-like conversations changes how businesses connect with their customers.

2. Drift

Drift specializes in conversational marketing and sales, which can significantly speed up the sales cycle by connecting your sales team with prospects in real-time.


  • Direct engagement boosts sales and lead generation
  • AI-driven chatbots for automated customer service
  • Real-time chat facilitates immediate response
  • Robust integrations with CRM and marketing tools
  • Lead routing improves sales team efficiency


  • Can be expensive for small businesses
  • Focuses more on sales and marketing

3. Zendesk

Zendesk offers extensive features that help manage and resolve customer inquiries efficiently.


  • Comprehensive support tools across multiple channels
  • Extensive automation features
  • Integrations with other business tools
  • Omnichannel support
  • Reliable performance with enterprise-level capabilities


  • Can be complex to set up and customize
  • Higher-tier plans can be costly

4. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is favored for its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features catering to small and large businesses.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective multichannel support
  • Flexible pricing plans for various business sizes


  • Some advanced features are only available in higher-priced plans
  • Customization options can be limited

5. Crisp

Crisp offers a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve customer relationships with a unified messaging platform.


  • Cost-effective with a free basic plan
  • Unified messaging platform
  • In-app messaging integrates directly into apps
  • Easy interface for beginners


  • Limited scalability for larger businesses
  • Lacks some advanced features

6. HubSpot Service Hub

This desk software, part of the integrated HubSpot suite, improves customer service through automated workflows and in-depth CRM integration.


  • Integrates with HubSpot CRM
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Detailed service analytics
  • Highly customizable


  • Can be costly with added features
  • Best for existing HubSpot users

7. LiveChat

This live chat software lets businesses communicate instantly with website visitors in real time.


  • Easy setup and integration
  • Built-in chat analytics
  • Automated chat greetings


  • Limited beyond live chat
  • Costs increase with more agents

8. Zoho Desk

Part of Zoho's suite, designed to deliver superior customer support with AI assistance and effective multichannel management.


  • Deep integration with the Zoho ecosystem
  • AI-powered support tools
  • Customizable help desks
  • Multichannel management


  • Learning curve for full feature use
  • Less effective outside the Zoho ecosystem

9. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service software and support platform that builds on Salesforce's extensive CRM capabilities.


  • Extensive customization options
  • Powerful workflow automation
  • Supports extensive third-party integrations


  • Complex setup and steep learning curve
  • High cost for small businesses

10. Freshchat

Freshchat is a modern messaging software by Freshworks. It aims to support through a blend of live chat and automated messaging.


  • User-friendly messaging interface
  • Integrates with Freshworks' suite
  • Scalable across team sizes


  • Features can be overwhelming for small teams
  • Dependency on other Freshworks products for best results

Why Choose As The Best Intercom Alternative? creates a seamless, enjoyable experience that keeps your visitors coming back. If your website works well, visitors can effortlessly find what they need. It transforms your website into a user-friendly, interactive space people love visiting.

Effortless Navigation

With, your website becomes super easy to use. Its friendly chat interface helps visitors find what they're looking for without hassle. This smooth experience keeps people happy and encourages them to stay longer and explore more.

Engaging Conversations makes your website feel more personal. Instead of just giving automated responses, it chats with your visitors in a natural, friendly way. This makes interactions feel more genuine and helps build a better connection with your audience.

Simple Setup

You don't need to be a tech expert to get up and running on your site. The setup process is straightforward and quick, so you can improve your website's chat and search functions without stress.

Choosing means turning your website into a welcoming, helpful space visitors will appreciate. It's a great choice for businesses that want to stand out and create a positive online experience.

How to Integrate into Your Website

If you're thinking about switching from Intercom to to improve your website's chatbot capabilities, here's a guide to get you started. We'll walk through how to embed the Denser chatbot into your site and connect its features using REST requests.

Embedding the Chatbot Widget


  1. Locate the Embed Code: provides a piece of code, typically a simple script tag, that you need to embed into your website. This code will place the chatbot widget on your webpage.

  2. Customize with Your Chatbot ID: The code snippet you receive will have a placeholder for a chatbotId. You'll need to replace this placeholder with the chatbot ID that gives you. This ID connects your chatbot with your specific Denser account.

  3. Insert the Code: Decide where the chatbot appears on your site. Then, paste the updated code snippet into the HTML of your chosen location to make the chatbot accessible throughout your site.

Making REST Requests to Your Chatbot


  1. Prepare the REST Request: It lets you interact with your chatbot using RESTful requests. This setup allows you to send queries to your chatbot and receive responses directly programmatically.

  2. Use the Curl Command: It provides a curl command for integration and testing. To customize it for your chatbot, replace the chatbotId in the curl command with your actual chatbot ID.

  3. Integrate with Your Backend: You can incorporate this curl command into your website's backend systems. This is particularly useful for handling complex interactions or processing data before or after your chatbot interactions.

Boost Your Business with Smarter Chats

If you're considering switching from Intercom, could be just what you need. Our platform is easy to use, integrates smoothly with existing tools, and uses smart AI to keep your conversations flowing.


Are you curious to see how it works? Try our free trial or schedule a demo and start chatting with your customers in a new way!

FAQs About Intercom Alternatives

What are the long-term benefits of choosing the right Intercom alternative?

The right alternative can offer long-term benefits such as cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and better team efficiency.

Choosing a platform that scales with your business means you can continue to improve your customer service capabilities as you grow without needing to switch tools frequently.

What are some key features to look for in a customer portal?

A good customer portal should offer self-service options, easy access to knowledge bases, and the ability to track support tickets. Integration with a ticketing system and the capability to conduct customer satisfaction surveys are also important.

What types of businesses typically benefit from using Intercom alternatives?

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from using Intercom alternatives. These alternatives also benefit those looking for more flexible pricing models and specific feature sets not offered by Intercom.

Flexible and scalable customer communication tools are valuable to startups, e-commerce platforms, and tech companies.

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