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Chatbot Use Cases in 2024 (Using Semantics AI)

Published in Mar 05, 2024

7 min read

use cases

There are many use cases for AI chatbots, whether conversational for customer support and sales or product-focused for IT support. They are here to replace the need for full time reps.

In this article, we’ll overview the 6 most common chatbot use cases, and how your business can utilize them.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an AI tool that can be embedded onto your website for marketing, or internally on your web application.

Chatbots are meant to be conversational through AI, and are able to talk to your customers or prospects about various topics.

AI chatbots with semantic search, meaning human-sounding search queries, can also be used internally on knowledge bases or internal files. Uploading files to a file search bot like, will allow you to have your own AI expert about any of your documents, so you can ask questions about, summarize and quickly navigate your files.

How do chatbots work?

A chatbot like, intended for website and file search and semantic chat, automatically crawls your website or file, with one click, so you don’t do any work in the setting up process.

The front facing product is based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) algorithms to handle and process language. A user enters a query, and the chatbot examines the input text to identify the intention and context.

On this basis, it picks the most appropriate answer from the knowledge base that it crawled or performs a certain action as requested.

The Features of Using Chatbots

With chatbots being the means of communication for people and business processes being automated, more productivity from chatbot usage in business functions and customer service has emerged.

Here we briefly examine five important feature advantages of applying chatbots:

24/7 customer support

The most crucial advantage that is given by chatbots is that they can offer round-the-clock customer support anywhere. Unlike a human customer support team, chatbots do not have fixed working hours or time zones. They are, therefore, available 24/7 to answer customer queries, resolve issues, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Instant Responses to Inquiries

Service speed is important to customer service, therefore, chatbots perform well as they provide instant responses upon receipt of inquiries from the user. Chatbots not only streamline a conversation but also get access to a vast database of your business’s data, helping reduce the response time dramatically.

Reduced Operational Costs

Using chatbots can help businesses achieve important financial cost savings. Automated customer support teams relieve people of the need to perform repetitive tasks, manage customer relations, and hence lower labor costs.

Also, they can tackle many queries at a time, which is the reason businesses do not have to take the proportional route of having to employ more resources for customer service when they want to expand their efforts in this area. This efficiency makes chatbots a budget-friendly solution for increasing customer engagement and helps support agents.

Automated Sales Processes

Apart from customer support, chatbots are also capable of handling various business processes, which include sales, and bookings, and also collecting feedback through customer feedback forms, among others. Chatbots cut back on the need for human resources to perform these functions and enable this manpower to engage in more cerebral tasks demanding human creativity rather than machine intelligence.

Additionally, this change not only ensures production efficiency but also adds a haptic side to the workplace through automating general tasks. Furthermore, chatbots can be integrated with other digital tools to suit a fully automated system that works for all business functions and processes.

6 Best Chatbot Use Cases in 2024

Here are eight practical chatbot use cases that illustrate a chatbot’s diversity and effect on the customer journey.

Customer Service

Conversational AI is one of the most striking advances in the field of customer service. Today, customers prefer chat applications where customer service chatbots not only guide potential customers through product buys but also respond promptly to inquiries.

Chatbots that handle customer queries with instant responses and eliminate issue resolution do not only displease customers but also hamper brand integrity.

Sales and marketing

Chatbot marketing is the use of AI conversational chatbots on your website to market your product, help a customer sign up, or tell them about your product. Since you can’t talk to all prospects, at all times, a chatbot is there to do that for you.

Chatbots can be used in marketing for nurturing leads, collecting email lists, sign-up prompts, pricing plan prompts, and anything else that a low-level sales rep can do.

Booking and Reservations

Chatbot use cases in the hospitality, travel, and food industries call for booking and reservation processes to be streamlined. Customers can simply take advantage of the chatbot platform to effortlessly discover their choices, compare prices, and book directly without the need to provide direct support from staff.

Incorporating Denser AI into the process saves much time and, at the same time, gives more perfect results, which bridges the difference between manual work and automatic processes.

Feedback Collection

Chatbots collect customer feedback through interactive feedback surveys or by inviting users at the end of a service interaction. It's one of the most basic but main things to be focused on for any successful business which is striving to improve its products or services.

As constant automation helps a firm get updated customer feedback, it allows them to find and fix the bottlenecks and, hence, make customers satisfied in a timely manner.

Using a semantic Chatbot like allows you to upload your internal files or knowledge base to a Denserbot. Once the Denserbot crawls the files and documents, it can give you detailed and expert responses to your questions about your knowledge base.

This can help with file and document navigation, as well as getting summaries of large loads of data, within seconds. Denser supports semantic search, meaning you can upload your file, and then ask human-like conversational questions to your chatbot about that file, and still get an appropriate response.

Event Management

Chatbot use cases in the field of event management: include planning and promotion, selling tickets, and meeting the information needs of attendees. Chatbot automates the process of registration, sends notifications, and answers frequently asked questions about the event, thus improving the user experience for both the organizer and participant.

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FAQs About Chatbot Use Cases

Can chatbots support multiple languages?

Yes, advanced chatbots are programmed to work with multiple languages; therefore, they can efficiently serve customers from a diverse global audience. Thanks to its language adaptability, companies can overcome language barriers and give personalized services on various markets, which would, in turn, result in a better customer experience and more business growth and outreach.

What challenges do businesses encounter when they incorporate chatbots?

Organizations come across a few main issues when integrating chatbots. They must ensure that the chatbots can adequately understand and answer loads of questions, speak in a tone corresponding to the brand, keep the clients’ data confidential, and operate seamlessly with the firm’s current systems.

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