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Chatbot Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Conversions

Published in Mar 05, 2024


13 min read


Communicating with prospects prior to a sale, call booked, or a sign-up is becoming more crucial every day since the game of conversions comes down to trust. Chatbot marketing makes it possible to communicate with all of these prospects at scale.

In this article, we’ll review what chatbot marketing is, its benefits, real-life examples, and helpful hints.

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot marketing is the use of AI conversational chatbots on your website to market your product, help a customer sign up, or tell them about your product. Since you can’t talk to all prospects, at all times, a chatbot is there to do that for you.

The marketing use cases with a chatbot like are:

Website Information or Navigation Search

Users can search your website or brand in a semantic search style. Meaning the user can have a conversational question for your AI chatbot, and it will respond with the correct info about your company, your offerings, service, product or navigation on your site.

Email Marketing List Generation

In certain cases, you can prompt your AI website chatbot to ask for the users’ email address, which can be used for an email marketing list, or more lead nurturing from a sales team.

Automating Customer Sign-ups

Once a prospect is satisfied with the answers to their questions about your company, or website, they can be prompted to sign up, look at pricing plans, or book a demo for your product or service.

Sending Qualified Leads to a Sales Team

Sometimes prospects will want to be prompted to talk to a sales team member. That’s when you can set up your chatbot to nurture the conversation and eventually lead them to speak to a team member for more human interaction.

24/7 Customer Support and Technical IT Support

Rather than hiring dozens of customer support agents and technical IT support agents, you can just use a tool like to capture all customer and IT support needs 24/7. This type of chatbot can be released on the website, but more likely inside of your app.

Benefits of Using Chatbots for Marketing

The use of chatbots for marketing messages has now become an important tool in customer service and operation efficiency across most industries. Here are some of the benefits of a chatbot marketing strategy:

Cost Efficiency

Chatbots can automate different routine jobs, including providing an answer to the most active customer questions or even advising customers with easy issues. This can make your business more profitable because you won’t have to hire as many extensive customer service teams to do this work.

Chatbots can communicate with a large portion of clients at one time, something that would take up much more staff otherwise. Furthermore, they will be able to carry on the 'work' 24 hours a day, which is a good thing for those employees doing night shifts.


Chatbots can register what your customers like and what they browse on your site, resulting in more personal chat sessions. Through this data, companies can tell people about products or services that they think are most likely to be interesting to them.

This type of personal touch can help the customer make an approach to you since they get the feeling that you know exactly what they need.

Increased Engagement

With chatbots, it's easy to keep the conversation going with your clients, giving immediate replies and peaking their attention. This may lead to a customer being more inclined to spend additional time on your website or social media, browsing while being more and more intrigued and making a purchase.

Chatbots can also update your customers on time with news of any sort that may interest them, thus keeping them engaged with your company.

Chatbot Marketing Examples

Here are some of the best chatbot marketing examples where this AI tool has made a difference:


In e-commerce, chatbots are software that helps virtual assistants enhance the shopping experience, right from browsing to the purchasing stage. They make use of customer information and preferences, like purchasing history, in order to suggest products and customize the shopping experience accordingly.

Denser.AI makes sure that website visitors have an interesting and natural conversation, like with a real person, which contributes to the fact that people give their email addresses.

Technical and IT Support

AI chatbots aren’t just made for your website, they’re also compatible inside your application for current customers to use.

  • Customer support tickets
  • IT support tickets
  • Product questions and guides

For example, we use the Denserbot on our own app, to help people install and customize their own Denserbot.

Customer Service

Therefore, sales reps that deal with customer inquiries will have extra time and capabilities to handle complications that require a human touch involving empathy and additional knowledge. This way, AI conversational and semantic chatbots help the sales team maintain the quality of customer service, the time of response, and the overall customer experience.

Event Booking

The booking process becomes much easier for entertainment and event platforms as technology kicks in with a chatbot. This chatbot technology has the advantage of using dialogue with the target group to work out the most important criteria (when, where, and what) and then create a very personalized list of events for users.

Chatbots are well suited to process instant bookings and promptly reply to the most frequent questions regarding the event.

8 Tips for Effective Chatbot Marketing

When incorporating chatbots into your marketing strategy, it's essential to follow a structured approach to ensure they align with your brand's goals to increase brand awareness and enhance the user experience. Here's a breakdown of key strategies to consider:

Choosing a Semantic Chatbot

When setting up a chatbot for your brand, it's crucial to set up a very human-like program that’s front-facing.

An integration of Denser.AI's tool featuring a RAG-powered bot is a game changer that can allow a bot to give highly accurate, contextually-induced responses that can mimic natural conversation, greatly enhancing the general user experience.

Know Your Audience

Interactive chatbots that carry unique personalities and can engage in authentic conversations provide a smooth experience for customers, thereby increasing their retention. Using a chatbot enables this customization, ensuring the assistant delivers responses that are both informative and natural, capable of holding a conversation equivalent to a dialogue with a competent assistant.

Such personalization of the communication strategy allows your brand’s chatbot to blend smoothly into every chat session and be well-aligned with the users’ perceptions and thinking.

Keep Conversations Natural

Making the chatbot highly interactive and improving the overall experience of the users can be achieved by designing the interactions in such a way that they resemble human conversation.

An AI tool with intrinsic NLP capabilities like Denser.AI ensures that your chatbot has the ability to comprehend and respond to customer queries with natural speech as if talking to a real person. This will help create dialogues that are like humans and, hence, make interaction with your brand memorable and consistent.

Using Personalization

Adding a personalization feature to your bot significantly elevates the chat experience because users receive responses that are appropriate and customized according to their specific demands.

Through AI technology like Denser.AI, which uses deep learning and natural language processing, you can provide a chatbot with a training dataset of the most frequently asked questions your brand might have.

Analyze and Optimize

It is vital to pay attention to how your chatbot is running and what it is using to communicate with the users in order to improve permanently. Essentially, you will be able to improve the ability of the chatbot to understand and reply to users in a better way, thus making it easier, faster, and more useful.

Over time, you would learn from your users' feedback and bring modifications to your chatbot, and you can make it communicate in a much more natural way by using Denser.AI, which allows you to experience a chat where the meaning is more or less the same as in a normal human conversation.

This constant improvement in your chatbot ensures that it will continually count as the top performer, and your customers will continue to experience satisfaction.

Ensure Seamless Integration

Ensuring the smooth integration of the chat box with the website, CRM system, and social media will make for a good customer experience. The more your chatbot cooperates with those tools, the better it can assist people.

For instance, it would be able to view their previous purchases or recently asked queries while conversing with them. Therefore, customers receive individualized assistance through whatever channel, whether it is a website or a chatbot on social media.

Respect Privacy

Privacy plays an integral part in chatbot usage. You must inform them what you do with what you collect. Give an explanation as to what kind of data you collect, how you use it, and who can access it.

It ensures that you also adhere to data protection laws, which may vary from one region to another, like GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California. Having clear and updated privacy policies not only builds trust in your chatbot but also maintains security and shows respect to the users.

Educate Users

Educating the user on what the chatbot can do and how to use it well will help ensure that the user will have the best possible experience. Making it explicit within your communication that the chatbot can answer questions, give advice, and help with shopping is how to make it more practical.

Apply the following measures, like a greeting message that discusses the main capabilities of the chatbot and helpful suggestions during the chat or a short command they can say while they need help.

Continuously Update Your Chatbot

Constantly train your chatbot with new information, which may include FAQs and users’ feedback, to maintain its relevance and effectiveness. Continuous training orients the bot to understand the requests of the user more and be a smart system in line with business growth. automatically does this for you. Using machine learning, the chatbot improves on its own.

How to Set Up Marketing Chatbots with

Incorporating Denser.AI's chatbots as part of your marketing strategies will improve your brand loyalty and increase your conversions.

The free trial version is the best chance to use the application at no cost. Or book a demo with a team member.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your marketing chatbots:

Create The Chatbot

To create the chatbot with, once you’ve integrated the Denserbot with your site, it becomes a one-click setup. The Denserbot automatically crawls your entire site, and gets all information needed for website search and chat functionality.

Quick Snippet Integration

Your chatbot should seamlessly integrate and work well not only on your online site but also your internal platform. The integration process with Denserbot is a quick snippet integration, and takes you less than 5 minutes to set up from start to finish.

Continuous Learning

Continuous training is about allowing chatbots to become more intelligent daily. It gives a chance for the bot to gain a higher level of inquiry-resolving capacity by updating itself with more facts, understanding customer feedback, and interacting with people.

The chatbot data is undergoing analysis by the system to find out what the users ask for, what they like, and to update its knowledge resources. With a smart mechanism, the process enables the chatbot to learn and adapt to users' current needs.

Increase Conversions With Denser AI

Are you looking to upgrade your marketing strategy? Explore Denser AI's smart features by trying out a free trial or scheduling a demo now.

Discover how Denser AI can refine user interactions, drive lead generation, and simplify information discovery on your platform. Begin your journey to a more streamlined and engaging website today.

FAQs About Chatbot Marketing

Why do most customers prefer chatbots?

The majority of customers for chatbots like the fact that they can get information fast and without the waiting times that human customer relations have. Chatbots are always available, immediately responding to all questions, day or night.

How do you use chatbots effectively?

Being efficient with the use of chatbots requires the chatbots to be programmed with all the necessary information that meets the users' needs. This leads to personalized and helpful responses to the customers' questions, improving their experience.

Is setting up a chatbot complicated?

While setting up a chatbot looks complicated, it becomes a breeze when a platform like Denser.AI is implemented. Through this platform, businesses can embed chatbots easily without much underground technical knowledge, therefore, it becomes an option for a business to use it in the process of improving customer service and engagement.

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