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Denser AI logoDenserAI Integration and Installation Full Guide

Published in Dec 10, 2023

3 min read


You can integrate your chatbot to your website as a widget, an embedded iframe, or pass a user’s query to Denser REST API to get responses.

Find your chatbot Id

When chatbot window is open, you can find the chatbot Id on the url path.

E.g. If your chatbot url is:

Your chatbot Id is:


Embed in your HTML

Add the following code to your HTML file:

<script type="module">
  import Chatbot from "";

    chatbotId: "<chatbotId>",

Replace chatbotId with your chatbot id.

Here are the options you can pass to the init function:

  • chatbotId: The chatbot id
  • apiHost: The API host (default:
  • theme: theme object
    • theme.button.size: The button size medium or large (default: medium)
    • theme.button.backgroundColor: The button color (default: white)
    • theme.button.color: The button text color (default: black)
    • theme.button.bottom: The button bottom position (default: 20px)
    • theme.button.right: The button right position (default: 20px)


<script type="module">
  import Chatbot from "";

    chatbotId: "<chatbotId>",
    theme: {
      button: {
        size: "large",
        backgroundColor: "black",
        color: "white",
        bottom: "20px",
        right: "20px",

Embed chatbot window into your website

Add following code to your webpage.


Replace "chatbotId" with your own chatbot Id.

Call your chatbot as REST request

You can paste the following curl command and test http request in a terminal. Remember to replace with your own chatbot Id.

# curl commamd format to call denser chat as http request
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d \
  "chatbotId": "4e1a9c62-c39f-43bb-a127-c7963cb26002",
  "question": "Can you summarize this doc?"

The example JSON response format:

// Response of calling POST
  "statusCode": "200",
  "answer": "Answer from your chatbot",
  "docSources": [
    "", // Document level source
  "sources": [
      "source": "", // Webpage link or file name
      "title": "Example title", // Empty for file-based chatbots
      "text": "Resource text that supports the answer content"

OK, now you are ready to integrate your chatbot into your website.

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