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DenserAI Now Integrates with Slack and Zapier!

Published in May 02, 2024

4 min read

ChatBot Integration

We’re excited to roll out updates that promise to simplify how you manage your business and add a splash of joy to your team's daily grind. At DenserAI, we're here to improve your operations so you can focus on your business’ growth and creativity.

View the full Zapier and Slack setup guide here

Improve Communication with Slack Integration

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between apps. With our new integration, DenserAI joins your team right where your conversations happen. With a simple command, it can pull up the latest analytics directly in your chat.

Set up Denser to automatically answer queries or provide updates within Slack. This speeds up information retrieval and ensures the entire team is informed with the latest data directly in your communication hub.

Maximize Efficiency with Zapier Integration

But why stop there? Our partnership with Zapier lets you connect DenserAI with over 2,000 other apps to automate your workflows like never before. Watch as tasks that used to take hours are reduced to mere moments without lifting a finger.

From syncing new entries in your CRM to scheduling reports—your workflows get faster, and your team gets happier. For instance, you can set Denser to analyze data every time a new entry is made in a connected app or to send reports directly to your business systems without manual intervention.

Step into a Smoother Workflow

Integrating these powerful tools into your workflow is quick and easy:

Effortless Collaboration with Slack

With our new Slack integration, you can trigger the DenserAI chatbot to respond directly within your Slack channels. Whether you're looking for quick answers, need assistance with customer queries, or require team input, our integration ensures that DenserAI is just a message away.

Here's how it works:

  1. Configure Slack to send messages to DenserAI by setting up a trigger. Simply go to the 'App & event' tab, select the event' New Message Posted to Channel,' and choose the channel where you want DenserAI to be active.

  2. Link your Slack account to Zapier to enable seamless message handling.

  3. Decide which Slack channel will trigger the DenserAI responses.

Automate Workflows with Zapier

Combine the responsiveness of DenserAI with Zapier's automation power. Set up zaps that allow DenserAI to receive questions from Slack and post answers back, automating full-circle communication.

View the full Zapier and Slack setup guide here

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Start by setting Slack as your trigger in the Zapier interface.

  2. After the Slack trigger, set up DenserAI as the action. This will enable the chatbot to process messages from the designated Slack channel.

  3. Provide your chatbot ID and the REST Access Key, select the 'Process Input Text' event, and map the Slack message text to the DenserAI chatbot.

Configure Slack as Output Action

Once DenserAI has processed the message, the answer can be wired back as another action within Zapier:

  1. Click the '+' icon below the DenserAI action step. Select Slack as the application for this step, similar to how you did for the trigger configuration.

  2. Choose 'Send Channel Message' under the 'App & event' tab. Typically, no further action is required to authorize Slack if you've already done so.

  3. Select the same Slack channel as your input for the output message, and set the 'Message Text' to the answer property from the DenserAI step. Send this as a bot by toggling 'Send as a bot?' to "Yes."

Launching Your Integration

Finally, you can publish this Zap workflow and enjoy the seamless integration of the DenserAI chatbot with your Slack environment through Zapier. This setup ensures your team stays connected with real-time and automated responses directly within Slack.

Join the Movement Toward Smarter Business Management

At DenserAI, we're not just about meeting your expectations—we're here to exceed them. With our latest features, you'll notice your daily workflows running smoother and your team collaboration hitting a new stride.

Ready to make your business operations a whole lot easier? Turn on these new features from your DenserAI dashboard and watch your team’s efficiency and job satisfaction soar. Need assistance? Our dedicated support team is eager to help you every step of the way.

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